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September 2013



(Video) Krista Comer & Cori Schumacher Roxy petition delivery summary

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In this video, Krista Comer and I sit down and discuss the content and outcome of the petition delivery meeting and the packet we left with Danielle Beck and Cathey Curtis. I will also be posting the material from the packet along with a glimpse into Comer’s revealing book on the emergence and growth of women’s surfing, Surfer Girls in the New World Order. [edit: 9/23 You can find a pdf of the packet on the Resources page of this website.]

Petition Update: The campaign asking Roxy to Stop their use of “all sex, no surf” ads continues to grow and has reached nearly 21,800 supporters.

Shifts in the industry: Yesterday, the Association of Surfing Professionals announced an important venue addition to the women’s world tour of surfing.

“[Dave] Prodan [ASP’s VP of communications] noted that the ASP’s new owners have publicly committed to making women’s surfing a bigger part of both its business plan and its philosophy in the coming year, a change surfers like Moore are thrilled about.”

My hope is that we see more events like this added for the women along with a substantial increase in the prize money the women receive. The fact that this year’s US Open of Surfing, the largest surfing event held in North America, saw the women’s winner (Carissa Moore) walking away with only $15,000 to the winner of the men’s event (Alejo Muniz) $100,000 speaks to how far we still have to go in order to bring gender parity to the professional surfing tour and to women’s professional surfing in general.

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